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5 Foods to Help Grow your Hair Faster

Hair problems like hair fall, dullness, breakage, and slow growth are common concerns for many individuals, exacerbated even more by issues like COVID-19, with hair loss being a prevalent side effect. In addition, the thickness and health of hair depend on various factors, including sex, genetics, and age. Good nutrition plays a pivotal role in nurturing strong, shiny locks akin to those of the famed Rapunzel. Addressing these concerns through proper nutrition can significantly improve hair health and promote faster growth.

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Curl Care

Girls with curly hair often receive compliments about their beautiful locks falling on their faces and the ringlets framing their faces, giving them a naturally ruffled look. But the truth is you don’t wake up with your hair in a perfect, shiny, curly-curly state, they need plenty of daily hair care.Unlike straight hair, curly hairs tend to lack moisture and dry up easily, making the hair more frizzy and making the caring for it part a tough job.

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